Annual Cork Schoolboys League Awards.

On Tuesday 23rd of May 2017 at the Annual Cork Schoolboys League Awards in The Oriel House Hotel, 2 days after completing the treble with the U16 Team, Ethon Varian won The CSL U16 Player of the Year Award while Oran Daly won The Overall CSL Player of the Year Award for 2017.Greenwood FC U16 Manager Brian Newman has coached the lads since they joined the club over 10 years ago and had this to say about both players:
Ethon Varian
For one so young it seems impossible to imagine but Ethon Varian is playing with Greenwood FC for over 10 years. His enthusiasm for playing, training & particularly learning is infectious, he has been & truly is a joy to coach. His awareness and knowledge of the game has allowed him to play in every position for his club.

In 2013 Ethon was part of Greenwood U12 Div 1 winners, In 2015 he won an U14 Local Cup with Greenwood, while this year he has captained Greenwood FC U16 team to an historic Treble of League,Regional & Local Cup sucesses scoring over 30 goals along the way despite being sidelined for 6 weeks with a fractured ankle. A true genius…………….



Oran Daly
Oran Daly has also played with Greenwood FC for over 10 years, a gifted footballer with superb feet. Oran’s a quiet lad who takes everything he’s told on board but seldom questions anything, always working hard on his technique.

He was part of Greenwood’s 2013 U12 Div 1 winning squad after which he progressed to the Ireland Emerging Talent Squad where he spent the next 3 years.

Oran was Man of the Match when Greenwood U14 won The Local Cup in 2015.This year he again was Man of the Match in both Local & Regional Cup victories for Greenwood FC U16 team scoring a vital extra time penalty in The Regional Cup Final. At 6ft 2in tall, a gentle man off the field he truly is……
Well done to both players who are a credit to their club and their families.

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